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  1. We start by creating a gallery of all the images that we took during the session (to which you will receive a link) 
  2. You will choose the Photo that you like best.
  3. We process that image then upload it to the beginning of the gallery, where it can be downloaded anytime

The basic answer is that we charge per photo. This means that we can fit a team of up to 3 into a single frame. So that would be the same price as 1. 

Other options include photographing each team member individually, then placing everyone into 1 shot. This would have extra expense


Yes we can provide a .PNG file with the background removed. Sometimes with complex lines some hazing occurs, but we are pretty good at reducing the appearance of this

We have several backgrounds to choose from. We can discuss before the session, your preferences, but I will always bring a few to choose from. We can also provide a .PNG with no background, so that any background can be placed in. 

It is best though to get the background in the original shot.

No, We dont really have the expertise.

Yes, (If you want) During the session I will discuss with you how much editing you would like. We can do a light touchup, or go as far as making you look like a porcelain doll. It is up to you.

With the nature of 360 Panoramic Photography, the camers sees in every direction. Assume that the camera can and will see everything in each room. So only include items that you would want to show up in the final photos. Generally the garage is a fantastic place to store items for the photo shoot because it is rarely a photographed area.

We have different packages and add ons to try and accomidate different needs. 

Take a look at our pricing page here: Pricing Page

In general I schedule a shoot to last 2 hours. If your property requires a large amount of photos, then I may schedule 2.5 Hours